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Baby Bumps and Client Closet Gowns

Updated: May 3, 2022

I celebrated my first year in business this past January!

As my first year drew to a close, I got to thinking of how I can improve my client experience. I also thought about what type of sessions I wanted to shoot more often. Oddly enough, the two seemed to go hand in hand:

1) I wanted to start offering a complimentary client closet.

2) I really wanted to shoot more maternity sessions!

Erie, PA maternity photographer Ashley Stack Photography captures a pregnant mother tenderly holding her belly during a studio photo shoot
Absolutely in love with this studio session!

I already offer newborn and sitter outfits for babies and toddlers…so why not offer beautiful gowns for mamas?? Styling your family for a photoshoot can be tough! I’m hoping to ease that burden for busy mamas by having a variety of gorgeous gowns on hand.

A mother is hugged by her children during a studio portrait session with Erie, PA family photographer Ashley Stack Photography
These girls' gowns are all a part of my client closet!

I knew that I’d need a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. I wanted fabrics that would photograph beautifully and look flattering on every body type. And I knew that I wanted the majority of the gowns to be “bump-friendly.”

A pregnant mother lays down and holds her belly during a studio photo shoot with Erie photographer Ashley Stack Photography
This flowy fabric photographs beautifully!

I've slowly been adding to my collection over the past few months and I can't wait to see more clients in these beautiful dresses!

Ashley Stack Photography displays a couture maternity gown in her Erie, PA studio
One of my newest additions!

My whole client closet is complimentary for my Moment and Story packages. So if you need help styling your family for our next shoot, let me know! I love putting together those details! And you and I will work hand-in-hand so the burden doesn't fall solely on you!

Erie, PA photographer Ashley Stack Photography displays a couture maternity gown in her studio
One of my favorite maternity gowns!

I'm absolutely in love with soft, feminine, neutral colors; but I'm curious as to what you guys love! Leave me a comment or shoot me a message and let me know what colors/textures you adore!

Until next time, take care, and smile pretty!!

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