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Tips for Styling a Spring Photo Shoot

Updated: May 3, 2022

There might still be snow on the ground here in Erie, PA; but Spring is right around the corner! Which means, it's a great time to schedule family photos! Flowers are blooming, leaves are budding, and we can finally see the grass again! Woohoo!!

You may be wondering what color combinations to wear when you’re styling your family. I’ll share my my top 3 tips to consider, and then I’ll show you my favorite color combinations for Spring!

Family photographer in Erie, PA photographs family of 5 seated on a blanket
I love a pastel color palette for Spring sessions!

1. Take your location into consideration. Is your session in a field? Is it on the beach? Will you be photographed downtown? When you’re considering colors, think about the colors in your surrounding setting. When you coordinate your color scheme with the setting, you’ll look put together and sophisticated.

A family is photographed by Ashley Stack Photography holding their newborn baby in Erie, PA
Earthy colors with pastel hints looks beautiful!

2. Think about the colors in your home. Are you looking to update your wall art in a certain room? Take your home décor color scheme into account when thinking about your outfits for your next family photo shoot. If you have a boho, earthy home, you'll probably want to avoid a neon pink dress!

A mother holds her son and smiles during a photo shoot with family photographer Ashley Stack Photography in Erie, PA
Don't forget to add a bold pop of color!

3. Consider your family’s skin tones. Does your family have warm, cool, or neutral undertones?

Warm undertones include golden, peachy, or yellow. You'll probably do best with earthy colors like olive, creams, and browns. Cool undertones include pink, red, or blue. Odds are you'll look great in cooler colors, eg: emeralds, blues, or purples. Neutral undertones are a mix of both. Great! You can rock anything!

Most importantly, with all of that being said, remember to wear what you love! You have warm undertones but love how you look in purple? Awesome! Go for it! You want your photos to reflect your personality, so be yourself! Here are some of my favorite Spring color combinations to get you started on planning your family's outfits!

Spring color combinations for family photo shoots in Erie, PA
Remember to lay your outfits out and play around with the color palette!

Save this for when you're prepping for your next Spring photo shoot! Do you have some favorite Spring colors? Let me know in the comments!

Ready to book your session? Get in touch with me and we can start planning!

Until next time, take care and smile pretty!

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Omg, I love these color scheme examples! So helpful!


Stephanie Honikel
Stephanie Honikel
Apr 01, 2022

This is such a helpful post for anyone looking to book their spring session soon and figuring out where to start with the wardrobe. Here's to praying the snow will melt sooner than later in your neck of the woods.


I love these color boards! Especially the tip about matching your colors to the colors of my home so I can hang wall art - that is brilliant!


Corey Potter
Corey Potter
Apr 01, 2022

Ohh I love some of these color combos! I think the lilac, cream and green is my favorite!

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