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The Top 10 FAQs about Newborn Sessions

Congratulations!! You're expecting!! It's an exciting time, full of lots of big decisions, big changes, and so much new information. I wanted to put together a post of the top questions that I get asked, as an Erie, PA newborn photographer. I'll also preface this post by saying that every photographer is different and runs their business differently. I answered these questions according to my own business practices.

1. When is the best time to schedule a newborn photo shoot?

Babies don't necessarily arrive on their due dates. In order to accommodate early/late arrivals, I only take on a limited number of newborn sessions per month. Because my sessions are limited, I always advise mamas to reach out during their second trimester.

2. How long does a typical newborn photography session last?

Depending on your session, newborn shoots can last anywhere from an hour and a half to 3 hours.

3. How should I prepare my newborn for the photo shoot?

To quickly sum it up, you want a sleepy baby with a full belly! Preparation is half the battle! That's why I send my parents a prep guide to help you and your baby have the best newborn session possible.

4. What should my baby wear for the photo shoot?

I always tell my clients that the only thing they need to bring to a session is their baby and extra milk or formula. I provide all of the wraps, outfits, headbands, and hats that we'll need. Unless there's something sentimental from home that you'd like to include, just dress baby in a simple onesie and head over to the studio!

5. Can parents or siblings be included in the newborn photos?

Absolutely!! I love including family during their newborn's session!

6. What if my baby is fussy or won't cooperate during the session?

By following your prep guide, you'll be setting your baby up for the best session possible. But, sometimes, no matter how much you prepare, babies have a different plan in mind. By utilizing different poses, soothing techniques, wrapping styles, and taking snack breaks when needed, we'll be able to get your baby comfortable and happy.

7. What props and backdrops do you use for newborn photography?

I have an ever growing prop closet with multiple buckets, beds, fluffy rugs, posing fabrics, and wraps! I have backdrops in a variety of colors that compliment a multitude of outfit choices. As I'm always growing my prop and backdrop collection, I'm happy to work with families to order a special prop or color for their backdrop. Check out some of my props and backdrops here.

8. What safety measures do you take to ensure the baby's safety during the photo shoot?

Safety is my number one priority when photographing your little one. I've received hands on training and enrolled in multiple safety classes. I choose to invest in continuing education workshops every year. When your baby is posed in a prop, there will always be a dedicated spotter to ensure baby's safety. I will never force baby into a position that they are uncomfortable with. I sanitize, wash, and disinfect items that baby will be coming into contact with. I will also be masked for our session to help prevent the spread of germs.

9. How long does it take to receive the edited photos?

I pride myself in a swift turnaround time. I typically provide a preview of your session on my social media business pages (IG and FB) within 48 hours. Proofing galleries are delivered within a few days of your session. Once you finalize your favorites, I give myself a week turnaround time to fully edit your gallery. When you click your gallery link you'll be able to order print products, download all of your favorite images, as well as share to social media.

10. What is the cost of a typical newborn photography session?

You'll find a wide variety of pricing for newborn photography in Erie, Pennsylvania. Many things go into pricing a session, especially when it comes to newborn photography. The photographer's experience level, education in our field, prop closet, equipment, wardrobe closet, insurance, and overhead all factor into the cost of your session. My posed studio sessions start at $600. This may be more than other photographers in the area; but when you choose your child's photographer, please consider all of the underlying work, education, and costs that go into building beautiful sessions. You can find more information about my newborn package and pricing information here.

I hope that this FAQ list helped to answer some of your questions! If you're interested in booking a session contact me here.

As always, take care and smile pretty!

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