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Why You Should Book a Back to School Mini Session

It's that time of year again in Erie, PA! School supply lists are being sent home. You're browsing stores and the internet for cute clothes and sales. And you know it's coming...picture day! That day when teachers corral their students into a line to wait to have their photo matter what their hair looks like or what they've spilled on themselves at lunch time!

Let's face it, school photographers have a TOUGH job! They have to photograph hundreds of students in a short period of time. They don't have time to fix every child's hair, wipe faces, or try to get natural smiles. Their job is to pose children in very particular positions and take the shot. (Trust me, I've volunteered as a helper at my children's school during picture day...and it's the same poses over and over!) Your kiddos won't have natural smiles half the time, and when they do, their hair might be a mess from gym class, or there's food on their shirt from lunch.

This is exactly why you should book a back to school mini session instead of relying on your school's photographer. These yearly photos are sometimes the only professional images that families have of their kiddos that year. So why not make them special??

A preschool girl poses for Ashley Stack Photography in her Erie, PA studio during a back to school mini session
With a variety of props and the cutest backdrop, we'll get some unforgettable shots!

During these 15 minute photo shoots, you'll be with your child. You'll have the opportunity to fix any hairs that are out of place. You can choose a time that works best for you family. We can take sibling shots if there are brothers or sisters that aren't quite school age yet. And there won't be any stiff, formal posing that looks as awkward as it feels!

A preschooler takes a bit of an apple during a back to school mini session in Erie, PA
I love to let your kiddo's personality shine through during sessions!

The best part is that after our session you'll receive a proofing gallery of the best images from your child's shoot. You'll get to pick your favorite photos! (You won't get that from your kiddo's school!) I'll fully edit them and send them to you via a private, online gallery with a download pin. You can choose to print professional products through my lab, or print through a lab of your choice. You'll be able to post your kiddo's image to social media or share with family and friends!

A student smiles up at Ashley Stack Photography during a back to school mini session in Erie, PA
Give friends and family the sweetest photos of your kids this year!

And to make your session more special, the chalkboard in the background can be personalized with your student's name and grade! I also always encourage parents to bring along your child's backpack and 3 of their favorite books. I love looking back on my own children's back to school photos and remembering what they were reading at the time! Alternatively, if your child has a favorite stuffy, bring it along! This is their time to shine!

So what are you waiting for?? Book your child's back to school mini session today! And let me know in the comments what your child's style is for picture day! Do you like a more formal look? Or will they be sporting a more come-as-you-are outfit? I'd love to know!

Until next time, take care and smile pretty!!

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