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Lifestyle Newborn Session vs. Studio Newborn Session

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

One of the most common questions that I get asked is, "What's the difference between a Studio Newborn Session and a Lifestyle Newborn Session?" It's a great question, as each session has a very unique look and comes with its own pros and cons. Let me give you a quick summary of each of these sessions.

Studio Newborn Session

I like to hold these sessions at my in-home studio 7-14 days after baby's arrival. This time frame can vary a little bit, but those first two weeks of life are when baby is the sleepiest and most poseable. So if you're looking for those naked, sleepy, posed newborn images, your best bet is to schedule within those first two weeks of baby's life. We'll work our way through several setups including solo baby poses, prop posing, and depending on which package you select, sibling and family portraits, as well. The sessions can run from 1 1/2-3 hours long. No matter which package you choose, I fully customize and style each setup according to the answers I receive on your questionnaire. So if you hate the color pink, no worries; I won't include it. Would love to see your baby posed on a tiny bed? Done! After our session you'll receive a link to your proofing gallery where you'll be able to select your favorite images for me to fully edit.

Here are some examples of studio newborn sessions:

Lifestyle Newborn Session

These sessions are held in the comfort of your own home and have a more flexible timeline. I typically like to schedule these sessions within the first month of baby's life. These sessions are a little more un-posed, and capture more of the in-the-moment shots that really speak to your heart. Lifestyle shoots last about an hour and are a great way to include young siblings that are on the move as well as beloved family pets. I will bring a few wraps/bonnets/headbands/blankets with me for our session, but I don't include prop posing as these sessions are more about the natural day-to-day environment that baby comes home to. During these sessions I'll photograph baby as well as siblings and parents. These sessions are a great way to capture the love, happiness, and comfort that surrounds baby when they first come home. About a week after our session you'll find a link to your proofing gallery where you can choose your favorite images for me to fully edit.

Here are some examples of lifestyle newborn sessions:

Now let's get into the pros of each type of session!



Completely styled sets. Take a look through my IG or FB pages to get a feel for my style.

Showcases you in the comfort of your home

Professional lighting

More flexible timeline for scheduling

Access to my entire collection of newborn outfits, wraps, and props

No worrying about packing up and getting to an appointment on time

​Longer sessions with bigger galleries

Younger siblings may feel more comfortable in their space with familiar toys

Timeless studio backdrops for family images

Sessions always include family and siblings

Access to my complimentary client closet. Check out just a few gowns here.

Less expensive than Studio sessions

Now for the cons!



Packing your family up and arriving on time to our session can feel daunting

I ask families to clean/declutter 2-3 rooms

Due to the session's length, I always suggest that older siblings head home once they've been photographed - this may mean driving separately

Natural light only, so I really recommend only using well-lit spaces in your home

Smallest package is baby only, no family portraits

Limited styling

​More expensive than a Lifestyle session

Shorter in length with a smaller gallery

As you can see, each type of session has it's own unique vibe as well as pros and cons. I truly love both styles of photography; but only you can decide which is right for you and your family. If you especially have your heart set on prop poses, go with a Studio session. If you really want to show off that beautiful nursery that you worked so hard on, go with a Lifestyle shoot!

Which type of session appeals to you? Remember, no matter which session you desire, please contact me in your second trimester to ensure availability!

Until next time, take care and smile pretty!

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