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Don't Look at the Camera...

Updated: May 3, 2022

Ok...I know...weird title for a photography blog entry! But seriously, there are times where I DON'T want you to look at the camera.

Of course every parent wants images of their kids' sweet faces smiling directly back at them! Those gap-toothed grins are precious!! And those baby gummy smiles are priceless!

A young girl smiles in Frontier Park in Erie, PA during a photo shoot with Ashley Stack Photography.

(I mean, who DOESN'T love this???)

But during my sessions I also try to find those small, extraordinary moments, where you guys forget about me and my camera, and focus on each other. Those moments are magic. Those are the photos that you'll look at years from now and be transported right back.

Trust me, we'll get some beautiful, posed portraits, too!

A family stands together in a field during an extended family photo shoot with Erie, PA photographer Ashley Stack Photography

But, also, just trust me when I say, "Lean into each other and close your eyes," or "Just look out at the lake and hold your little one." I know it feels a little weird! (Like you've got the paparazzi tagging along!) But the more you and your family just enjoy being with each other, the more you'll relax! We're going to create some beautiful images together!! Click here to view my package and pricing information.

Until next time, take care and smile pretty!!

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