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Let's Have Some Fun!!

Updated: May 3, 2022

I'm a former Kindergarten teacher. I'm a mother of three. So I know that if your kids aren't enjoying themselves on a one's enjoying themselves!!

A mother and father tickle their daughters on a Presque Isle beach at sunset during a photo shoot with Erie, PA photographer Ashley Stack Photography
Tickles always make the best smiles!!

Family photos can be stressful, especially with little ones! There's outfit planning (and backup outfit planning because you know the baby will spit up or have a blow out!), rushing to be on time, worrying whether the kids will me, I've been there!! I do not expect perfect behavior from children.

Let me repeat that:

I do not expect perfect behavior from children.

I've found that when kids realize that we can have fun during the shoot, they loosen up and we get some amazing images! During a session with younger children, we'll sing songs, play games, swing in a blanket (this is my kids' favorite!!), and I'll probably make a lot of ridiculous noises when I want to get their attention! With older kids, I love using prompts and asking questions to elicit genuine emotion.

A brother and sister smile at each other in Frontier Park in Erie, PA during a portrait session with Ashley Stack Photography
Kids love the blanket hammock!

To ease some of the stress that comes with family photos, I do everything in my power to make sure that we're all feeling prepared for your shoot. Once I have you booked and in my calendar, you'll receive a session questionnaire. I LOVE this tool so much!! When you fill this out it gives me such great insight as to who your family is, their likes and dislikes, and their personalities. So when your shy little guy doesn't feel like smiling, I already know to ask him about his favorite Pokémon character to get him loosened up. I'll also know that treats at the end of the session are OK, and that your daughter loves Tootsie Rolls! My questionnaires also let me know what your must have poses are and what shots are important to you, so I can come fully prepared with props/outfits/blankets ready to go!

A family of five smiles at each other while walking along a path at Lake Erie Community Park in Erie, Pennsylvania
You can't beat fall colors in Erie, PA!

My other tool that you'll receive is my session prep guide. This will give you and your family tips and will let you know what to expect the day of the shoot.

A family laughs and swings their son in the air while walking down a Fairview, Pennsylvania snow covered street
I absolutely love catching these fun moments with families!

All I ask of parents is that you stay positive, happy, and enjoy your time together as a family! I've found that when parents have an upbeat, joyful attitude, your kids are going to be upbeat and joyful, too! So be excited to spend an hour snuggling your kids! Run with them, pick flowers, be silly! I'm here to capture you guys at your best, just loving on each other! You can find all of my investment information here. Know we'd be a great fit? Fill out my contact form and I'll be in touch!

Until next time, take care and smile pretty!!

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