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How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

Updated: May 3, 2022

Documenting your newborn is such a special event. There's a relatively small window of time in which to capture those true, newborn features. Let me help you prep for your shoot with a few tips!

A newborn baby sleeps during a studio photo shoot with Erie newborn photographer Ashley Stack Photography
Booking your session during your second trimester allows me to fully customize your shoot!

Book your newborn shoot BEFORE your baby is here

It may seem strange to start contacting photographers before your baby has even arrived; but most newborn photographers will tell you to contact them during your pregnancy. Why? They'll probably already be booked if you wait until your little one arrives. Start contacting photographers during your second trimester to ensure that you get on their calendar and have plenty of time to plan out your session. Interested in booking? Contact me here!

A big brother and sister hold their newborn sister during a studio portrait session with Erie newborn photographer Ashley Stack Photography
I love including siblings in newborn sessions!

Let your photographer know if there are any special heirloom pieces or "must-have" shots before your session

I provide all the props/wraps/tiebacks etc. needed for our session; but I love when families have a special heirloom blanket, outfit, or piece that they want to include in their shoot. Let your photographer know ahead of time and they can build a set around your special item!

A newborn baby sleeps in Ashley Stack Photography's studio in Erie, PA during a newborn session
I'm happy to build sets around specific colors that you love!

Bring extras of the necessities

Newborn sessions can be a few hours long. Sometimes babies don't want to sleep right away. I keep a supply of extra newborn diapers, wipes, and new pacifiers; but you'll want to make sure that your diaper bag is well stocked with the necessities. If you're nursing, plan to potentially feed your baby during the shoot; and if you're bottle feeding, make sure you bring extra formula, just in case!

Erie newborn photographer Ashley Stack photography captures a big brother looking at his newborn baby sister during a studio newborn session
By being fully prepared, we'll make the most of your baby's sweet, sleepy moments!

If siblings are participating, plan for them to leave after being photographed

If you have multiple kiddos, odds are that you'll want to include them in your baby's photo shoot. That's great! Sibling photos are absolutely precious! As previously stated, though, newborn sessions can run long; so have a plan in place for your older kiddos. Maybe grandma or grandpa could pick them up? Maybe they could go get muffins with a parent? Or if it's not possible for them to leave, make sure that you bring something fun for them to do. Maybe a movie on a tablet or a special coloring book. Make sure that you've put a plan in place for your older children so that they're not bored or disruptive during your baby's session.

A family smiles at their newborn during a studio photo shoot with Erie baby photographer Ashley Stack Photography
I always photograph siblings first. When attention spans are short, I want to capture them at their happiest!

Feed that baby!!

A fed baby is a happy baby! It's best to feed your baby right before the session in order to get those sweet, sleepy newborn images. A nice, full belly will help your little one drift off to sleep so we can make the most of those sweet, sleepy moments!

I hope this post helps you prepare for your newborn session! Share this with expecting parents so that they're prepared for their newborn shoots!

Are you expecting? Get in touch with me and we'll start planning your session!

Until next time, take care, and smile pretty!

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