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5 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Updated: May 3, 2022

Taking family photos is a big deal! There are a lot of things to consider before you book a session. Here are 5 important questions that you'll want to ask your photographer before you book your next shoot.

Erie photographer Ashley Stack Photography photographs a family of five seated on a blanket together in Fairview, PA
Family photos aren't just for families with toddlers! Get those big kids in the pictures, too!

1) "What's included in your session price?"

There's no universal billing template or price guide for photographers. So you'll find prices covering a wide spectrum from dirt cheap to really pricey. Some photographers charge a sitting fee with nothing else included. It's simply a fee to get in front of their camera. If you want images, you'll have to purchase a separate collection. Some photographers charge one flat fee and give you all the digital images from your session. Others simply don't sell digital images. You can only purchase print products. I charge a session fee which includes several digital images with the option to purchase additional images as well as print products via your online gallery. Take a look at all of my package and pricing information here. You'll want to make sure that you know what you're getting for your money before you book!

An older sister holds a younger sister during a studio session with Ashley Stack Photography in Erie, PA
I love capturing the interactions between siblings!

2) "How do you deliver your galleries?"

There are a few popular methods for delivering galleries. Some photographers will give you a USB with your digital images. Others will require that you book another appointment to come in and view your images in person. This is referred to as IPS (in person sales). My preferred method is via an online, private gallery. I've found that my clients and their families are busy! The online gallery allows them access to their fully edited digital images. They can easily order beautiful wall art or prints, share their images with friends and family across the world, and download all of their files for safekeeping. I've found this method of delivery to be great for busy families with young kids. Make sure you understand how your photographer will be delivering your images.

Ashley Stack Photography photographs a big brother looking at his baby sister during a studio newborn session in Erie, PA
Some of my favorite photos are of big siblings with their new baby brother or sister!

3) "Will I get to choose my favorite photos from our shoot?"

Many photographers shoot a session, cull through the images, and choose their favorites to edit and deliver. I, instead, utilize proofing galleries. (You can find more information about those here!

A proofing gallery basically allows the client to see the best photos from the session, and then choose their favorites to have fully edited. I've found that every family is unique; and, without fail, families will choose at least 1 image that I, as the photographer, wouldn't have chosen! I love that my clients get to choose the images that really speak to their hearts!

Erie family photographer Ashley Stack Photography captures a family of four smiling at each other during a family portrait session at Lake Erie Community Park
I absolutely love fall sessions here in Erie, PA!

4) "What's your rescheduling policy?"

Let's face it, things happen! Kids get sick, pets have an emergency, or the weather isn't cooperating. (We should be used to that here in, Erie, PA!) Before you book a photographer, make sure that you ask what their rescheduling policy is. Many photographers, like me, will allow rescheduling if they're given sufficient notice. Some however, will charge a fee. Make sure that you understand the photographer's policies regarding rescheduling before you book!

A family of four smile during a studio photo shoot with Erie, PA family photographer Ashley Stack Photography
A studio portrait session is a beautiful and timeless way to capture your family!

5) "What safety measures do you have in place?"

This is a big question, especially where newborns are concerned! You, as a client, should understand that a newborn photographer should have taken safety courses, be insured, and have had hands-on training with an expert in the field. They should be comfortable and knowledgeable in how to wrap and handle a newborn. I, personally, have completed safety courses and hands-on workshops and am fully insured. I'm up to date on all my vaccinations and mask up during sessions. Safety is my number 1 priority, as it should be for all newborn photographers.

Erie newborn photographer Ashley Stack Photography captures a newborn baby sleeping during a studio session
This beautiful baby is safely and comfortably posed.

The last point I'll make is that, to a certain extent, you'll get what you pay for. Everyone always has a budget; no matter what you're shopping for. So you'll need to weigh your family's needs/wants with the photographer's pricing. There are always exceptions, but odds are, if you're looking at a photographer and they're charging $30 for a session, they're likely not:

a registered business

paying taxes

delivering a quality product


I hope that this post gave you some insight as to what to ask your photographer about before your next session! If you think we'd be a great fit, contact me here!

Until next time, take care, and smile pretty!!

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